Saturday, December 04, 2004

Better Safe than sorry!!!

I am so excited! Ileigh is cooing now! She started a few days ago for daddy, doing the typical wave baby in the air maneuver. She squeals and does a few ahahahhhhs. It's so cute. Last night we went to Macayo's with some friends, she cooed up a storm and then poopied her 3 layers of clothes. I had to walk to the far parking lot, in a bad part of town, to change her in our front seat. I was nervous and left the car running. I had to use Austin's Christmas caroling lyrics under her dirty butt. Of course she also peed as soon as I removed the old diaper. As I was struggling, I noticed two men walking fast towards me. I threw down the diaper, picked up the naked baby, sat down in the pee, and stepped on the gas to haul outa there. I glanced back at the men and they were looking at me like I was crazy. Better safe than sorry!

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