Sunday, September 05, 2010


Feeling HUGE. Can't imagine getting bigger over the next 4 months. Can't believe how fast it is going though. My ribs hurt and it is hard to turn over in bed. I pee every 30 minutes and sometimes nothing really comes out. I get my 3d ultrasound this tuesday. We are having 2 boys. I am so worried about that. I really don't like many boys. Heck, I really don't like many kids. Am I doomed or what?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

yep freaking out

I am still having a lot of cramping but it could be just because we are having twins. Where am I going to put them? I don't know. Where am I going to get the energy for them? I don't know. How are we going to send FIVE kids to college. I DON'T know. But God has a plan for us and this is it. He has a way of seeing things all work out. So, if we have to keep them in our closet, make Austin do night duty, and apply for lots of school grants, so be it. We will survive. So please don't make me feel bad by saying "what?? Were you trying? Did you want twins?" Because it really hurts my feelings. These are my babies, a part of me, and things will work out.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Nervous Nelly

I am nervous about Ileigh and Avery switching to the new school. Andy thinks this is ridiculous. I think any kind of upcoming change for your kiddos is worth some worry. Avery has only ever known where she is at. She loves it and so do we! I hate to switch her but two seperate drop off's is more than I can handle. And add Austin to the buss drop off and I won't be at work till noon. The new preschool seems cool but a TON more kids will be there. I think it's like 20-30 seemed like 200-300 during our tour though. I do think we will have Ileigh repeat Kindergarten. I know she is a genius inside but until she works her brain kinks out (like Albert Einstein) she will be in Kindergarten. I know she will make plenty new friends right away and I would like her to be able to stay with them through elementary at least.

Austin met his dad for the first time (that he knows, anyways) Easter weekend. It went well. I am worried he won't keep up a relationship but I am trying to remain hopeful. They went to the race factory and had lots of good conversation at the town lake. I know he even told him about the other daughter he doesn't see. He told austin "yet" so I wonder if he will start to see her. I know her name is Alexys and she is the same age as austin. nice, huh? It's crazy he still seems like a nice responsible guy. He is getting older but still looks 21. His girlfriend of 13 years must get the dr she works for to do free work on him. I am sure that's it.

Austin's a good kid. It's nice to have a boy once thier this old. I told andy I wouldn't mind having another boy once he is 11. Can we skip to that age please? I look at my nephews and thank God I have girls. I just can't take that gun you down punch you up push you in the pool behavior. And they really don't ever grow out of that. Maybe girls are better at every age.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Avery- she is so stinkin smart and also a smarty stinker. She is still very loving to the point of crawling up under our shirts and putting her nose up to our ears as she is trying to snuggle herself to sleep. She seems very smart (to us) but that possibly could be a comparison we inadvertently make to Ileigh, who began speaking in 3-4 word sentences after her 3rd birthday.

Avery continues to win our and our friends and families hearts.. however.. we need to be careful not to disturb her delicate temper. (I.E. )You WILL know what sippy cup she is requesting from the cupboard and what color straw she wants, even if she has not verbally expressed it. You WILL make sure she does not hit her head while passing the kitchen counter or while walking backwards toward the refrigerator doors. and you WILL know when it is neccesary that she do something completely on her own whether it be buckling herself in her carseat, pulling her own pants off to get up on the potty or brushing her own teeth. Those are just a few of the Avery rules. If any of these are accidentally or (God forbid) purposely broken, you will be punished. First by the extreme noise that she lets out at your face and second by some sort of pain inflicted by her nails or teeth. Yes that is our sweet sweet girl.

Healthwise, Avery still has some. Her pooping issues come and go. Her eczema is bad. She has been on a few different creams, ointments, and steroids for 2+ years now. I recently read (yesterday) that one of the ointments we have been using has been black boxed. We were specifically told it was safer than steroids, so we have been using it liberally. Come to find out yesterday, she was supposed to be covering her body parts from the sun after using this (like the Elidel we started last month, and were warned about). And we were to use it sparingly and under extreme circumstances. Unfortunately the drug companies wanted people to be amazed by this wonder drug so they went ahead and waited for 76 or so cases of skin cancers and lyphoma's to be found in children after using their product to go ahead and let the public (ME!) know. I am pissed. She better not get anything.. and now we have to monitor her carefully for the next 10 years. Those three $50.00 each tubes are now going in the garbage. The worst eczema is better than the best cancer. JMO.

Ileigh. Poor middle child Ileigh. She is so emotional. She has so many frustrations. She is usually very quiet but is a complete bear in the morning to get ready and out the door. We are beginning to think Kindergarten again next year will be the best thing. She has breakdowns doing her easy peasy homework lately. Her memory for all things UNacademic is superb. I just don't understand why it doesn't carry over. I pray that her brain synapses will fire off soon and she will understand and learn the basics over the next few months. I don't think she will even realize that she is repeating kindergarten next year. It will be at a new school and most of the kids will only be a few months younger than her due to her late summer birthday.

Austin- Has a girlfriend! I am so scared. I wonder if they kiss. Ewww. I mean, I did at that age but it is always different when it is your child. In another year, he will be driving. I just can't believe it.
He got almost all A's and I believe Montessorri really pushed him in middle school. High school is a breeze for him. This weekend he starts baseball. May there be NO injuries there!

Andy- wants to switch jobs. Hopefully it will be the right move for us. I will have to change my work hours and begin taking the morning beasts to school. We really want to get out of debt and I think we can do it in the next year, with my settlement and his new job. I hope. I hope.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 2010

Hi all who are reading this- if anyone does anymore.

Avery- still wakes up at night. still hardly ever poops. and now it seems she likes to hold her pee as well. I really don't know how potty training is going to take place. Her exema is just awful. We began with a new pediatrician at the hospital where her gastro doc is. He put her on atarax to help her sleep and stop itching all night long. She also was prescribed elidel. Great for exema but can cause skin cancer, so we have to keep her covered. scarey stuff! I really try not to use it. I am doing heavier on the steroid ointment to avoid cancer. ughh. And how can she still wake up at night even with the atarax? I have no clue. sometimes the child just won't sleep.

Ileigh- very worried about her crazy brain. She has the most difficult time learning.. it goes in one ear and out the other. the the the THE, turn the page... Is??? I don't get it. I never worried like this about austin's development. I can't decide if we should go for 1st grade and see if she needs to repeat that or really just re-do Kindergarten. 1st is not only going to be difficult for her but for US. Kindergarten is hard for us. She doesn't know her address, phone number, or sight words. Sure she is better than she was 6 mos ago but still seems a year or more behind. Poor poor Ileigh. she sure has a strange mind too. Has an awesome memory for what happened 3 years ago but doesn't remember sight words. Talks and worries about death a lot. Doesn't much like to cuddle and can play by herself for hours. Loves little animals and her miniature toys. Recently has wanted to cut things open to see what's inside. yikes.

Austin- growing up. Still gets really immature with siblings but is so tall and has a deep voice. He is improving with anger management but still could use help. He really takes after his absent father. It's pretty scary, I wish he could see. He loves high school, but thinks it's really easy. I wish it was more of a challenge for him. That really makes me want to move outta here! The schools really suck. I am very glad austin has friends now. He needs to go out more than he does though. I really wouldn't mind if he got a girlfriend or something at this point. He is 15. he needs more. He will start baseball soon so that may help him to get out more. I told him my greatest wish ever was to have him and dh get along seemlessly. still is. I think it is improving.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank the good lord that 2009 is OVER. part 2.

So we got Austin into a smaller, probably not quite as good, farther away, but easy and he likes it, high school. On our journey into new high school land, we had to stop at our house to get the old high school's books and bring them back there, so they could release him to a new school. Upon arriving at the ol' homestead, our garage door would not open. We assumed the power went out. We stupidly forgot that we installed a door chain on our front door, so when we unlocked the door and opened it, it would not go all the way and made a huge BANG. Andy ran around through the back gate and saw that the power box was opened and all power was manually shut off. He went to the office door (Newly installed x 5 mos or so) and it was kicked in. Metal bent, boards in shards, and muddy footprints to boot. Computers still there, broken glass and coins scattered, bras abundantly spread throughout the bedroom, drawers overturned, riffle carefully laid out on our bed, camera's gone, Wii gone, games gone, new camcorder with all the past year's birthday's and holidays recorded on it, GONE!
I could kill someone.
Police called. Is anyone still in the house or in danger? The wrong answer here is NO. No will get you put on the bottom of police priority lists. After their calls about pets in trees, after their donut breaks, and after their important calls to friends and families. We sat outside, unable to touch or make a mark in our newly destroyed home for over FOUR hours.
I could kill someone.
Would they be able to take fingerprints? Would they be able to get information from the perfectly formed footprint on our back door? Would they bring out the K9 sniffing dogs? Would they takes notes of where items were left and were we could clearly tell they peeled out of the alley and down the street? No, but they could lecture us about trimming our Oleander's to make our yard "less obscure" and therefore more open to neighbor's being able to view any illegal activity. yeah right. Thanks mr. policeman. I will keep that in mind.
If only I had killed someone, more may have been done.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank the good lord that 2009 is OVER. part 1.

And don't look back. It was a hard hard year. It began okay, I suppose. I don't remember much of the first few months. In May, the kids were out of school. Avery turned 2. I began working again in June and Avery started daycare. Ileigh went to summer care at her Montessori school. Avery did suprisingly well at daycare. She even took a nap the first day which floored me because I had trouble at home when I even would lay with her. Ileigh was about to start Kindergarten. She had a HUGE birthday party with a water slide. I got some cute video of her and her friends. I also had video of Easter, Avery turning 2, Avery's first singing (happy birthday) and Austin turning 14. Why am I telling you that? You will find out later.

Ileigh's Montessori school closes for a week before school starts. Have I told you we are worried about Ileigh? That's a different post. She is a child of a different breed. Anyways, the week before the closed week, they charge 140 for 4 days. Ridiculous! I refused. I asked Avery's daycare if Ileigh could go there for 2 weeks and I would pay the 133/week to them. They said yes! In those two weeks, Ileigh began learning a few letters, numbers, and writing her name. We decided to switch her to their private kindergarten. In other words, right when her montessori school was going to switch to a free charter program, we decided to keep paying for her. She really misses her old friends but I can't say I have ever regretted it.

Austin was all set to attend Saguaro. The neighbor, Amy, that also didn't get into our closest and best high school agreed to transport the kids since we wouldn't be able to. The problem is that there was a "secret" waiting list. I was able to find out Austin was at the bottom by someone that wasn't supposed to tell me. Apparently, Amy was at the top. So almost too late to do anything about it, we found out Amy had switched to the closer, better high school and Austin was left without a ride. Drats! (insert inappropriate term here)

The next best idea I had was another snobsdale school. Far away yes. However a straight shot on the the good ole public transportation system. We bought austin a new bike too. I practiced the route with him. He was excited. Freshman year. Freedom. Bus pass. New bike. skate park across the street from new school. HUGE school. Lots of opportunities. TONS of new kids.

Second day of school. Austin was taking his bike to the bus stop when a punk kid asks why austin has "looked" at him. He replied that he wasn't and got assaulted. In the face. Braces through lips. AGAIN. (didn't I tell you that happened before?). Poor kid had braces for 6 months and they came off twice, or more. Fast forward to Austin not wanting to go back to that school. Need a new plan.

Andy and I decided on our old alma mater which was near grandma's house. We had to finagle (sp?) our way into there. transcripts. return books, locks, schedules, never got our refund they promised at old school (thanks for reminding me). Back and forth between schools. new schools policy is 12 days absent per year. They were already counting it for austin. He began there on the 5th day of the first week. whew!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Avery's poop problem

well, I can't remember if she had meconium in the first 24 hours or not. I am thinking she must have because I don't remember a big fuss about it. At 5 weeks old, she stopped pooping. She didn't go again until 9 weeks old. I told the doctor and he honestly did not believe me. He told me to stop breastfeeding and start on a hypo allergenic formula. Instead, I switched doctors. We did take her to a gastroenterologist. They recommended I take probiotics and that we start miralax. It was hard to get the miralax down her though. She would never take a bottle and wasn't on solids. She only breastfed. It was normal for her to go 1-3 weeks between bowel movements.

We also did suppositories and enemas when she seemed overly uncomfortable. She began solids around 6 mos old. We put the miralax in her baby food. We lived that way for the next 18 mos. Poor Avery has never ever pooped more than once in a one week before.

She started daycare in March of 2009. Almost 2 yrs old. She adjusted well and even naps for them. She is a happy girl for the most part. When her stomach starts getting distended, we give her more miralax or suppositories. Then she struggles and cries and it is usually really difficult to get her poop out, then it is diarrhea or something close to it. We have a hard time understanding why it is so hard to poop something so soft. Everyone just thinks she is stubborn and good at "holding it".

My husband and I are both x-ray technologists and know what a B.E. is. We really didn't want this for Avery. It is so much radiation, and they are almost always normal. I don't think I had ever seen an abnormal one.

Fast foward August 2009. Avery has NEVER once pooped at daycare. In fact, she rarely pee's either. I never buy diapers. It's crazy. So August 8th, I nursed Avery for the last time. I was happy to be freed and she did well with the adjustment. I continue to give her lots of cuddles (she has always been very clingy). I lay down with her for naps and bedtime. August 9th, we tried to calculate the last poop. It had been at least 2 weeks. We gave her a suppository. She went a little. The morning of August 10th, she went more for daddy. I was so relieved. She still seemed a little uncomfortble but not as bad. August 21st.. no poop since the 10th. we gave her another suppository. Nothing. 2 hours later.. just the liquid of the suppository came out. I began to really worry. August 22nd.. another suppository and fletcher's children's laxative. Nothing. Her stomach was HUGE, she cried all night. Andy and I worried about obstruction. I called her NEW pediatrician. I am not allowed to be put through to the doctor.. only the nurse. She advises us to ... are you ready for this???? Give her a stool softener. Is she mentally challenged? Can she hear me? We have been giving Avery softeners since birth. We tried suppositories and they didn't work. On the back of the bottle it instructs to go to the ER if it doesn't produce results. Time to change doctor's again!!
August 25th. I can't take it any longer. Avery goes to the ER. They do a flat and decub abdomen x-ray. Constipation. No shit!!
I explain the problems to the ER doctor. She doesn't seem too worried. She probably sees this all the time. Constipated children. Yeah I get that. But she doesn't have constipated poop. It's runny or soft. There is a problem somewhere.
September 1st. Pediatric gastro enterologist appointment. We only got to see the NP but oh well. That's arizona healthcare for you. At least she seemed sympathetic. Well kind of. At least she listened to our story. I will give her that!
Of course she said Avery needs B.E. I am ready this time. My family does not think she needs it but they are not living with the sadness of our situation. She moans at night. She cries poo poo several times a day but never goes. =(
September 8th. yesterday. B.E. day. She tolerated it better than I thought she would. The radiologist did not give us any results yet. Everything I read on the internet points to Hirschsprung's disease. From what my husband and I could see on the monitor, it looked that way to us. After the exam, Avery was filled to the HILT with contrast. She is supposed to evacuate and get one last film after that. Not our little Avery. She held every drop for the next 4 hours. She has now gone 4 times since. Thank goodness. We await the results......

Sunday, July 26, 2009


We are trying to potty train Avery. She is really liking the potty lately and loves wearing underwear.
Ileigh is starting Kindergarten in 2 weeks. She is nervous but it will be the same teacher and room as the last two years. The only difference is that she doesn't have to take a nap and HOPEFULLY the teacher will push her harder to learn her letters and numbers.
Austin is starting high school. He has to take the city bus since the high school near us is crap. He is not really thrilled but I think he will grow to like it. He still loves to skate. His new school is right by the skate park!
Andy is not liking work. He has been getting called in a lot. He obsessed about our brick wall enough to pay 800 dollars and get it knocked down and hauled away. Today he has been back and forth to home depot and getting wood and cement and such to begin a new fence on our real property line. He really wants to be able to push the mower on the south side of the house. Crazy man!
All my kitties are lovely.
I am working and happy to be making money and in charge of my own mammography patients.

New pictures Site

Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Mail!!!

On Dec 1, 2008, at 8:15 PM, ** ***s wrote:

When you don't want to be Facebook friends
With so many opportunities these days to connect with people online, some are confronting a question they thought they had left behind during their awkward adolescent years: What if I don't want to be your friend?

LOL. I found this girl on facebook, ***. My family lived across the street from hers for years and years. (like 15 or something). I was best friends with her older sister and since she was just a year younger than us, I was good friends with her too. I have been searching for her whole family for the past 5 years. Phone books, internet people finders, reunion sites, you name it. So I was overjoyed when I found her on facebook and it is for sure HER. I asked her to be my friend AND left a little note as to who I was. No response. I let a few months pass and then sent her another note saying how much I really wanted to catch up with her and her family. Still nothing. Now she either is creeped out, doesn't have any kind of memory, or doesn't check that email account. Whatever the case, I am hurt! My family was asking me daily if she wrote me back too. My older sisters went to school with her older brothers even. sheesh!

December 5th, 2008

ughh. Avery is still not sleeping. Another thing she doesn't do is eat! She only wants to nurse and it is so frustrating.

She absolutely will not go in her crib so she sleeps on a mattress on the floor until her first wake up. She just learned a couple days ago how to open her bedroom door. So now she wakes up and comes right to my bedside. We took the box springs out from under our bed to make it lower. I put her next to me and nurse and she goes back to sleep. Then she wakes up about 2-3 more times before wake up time around 7 or 8 am. She goes down late recently around 9 pm. Her naps are horrible too. She naps around noon for about 50 minutes only. The really sad part is she is sooo tired and sooo hungry which makes her whine all the time and just want to nurse more. It's a vicious cycle.


December 6th, 2008
In regards to claim number 08344032
and coverage ID number 636541201

My daughter and I were involved in an accident on August 25th, 2008. A 12 foot wall fell over on us and she was nearly killed. I was surprised to have my claim denied stating "AC THIS PLAN PROVIDES BENEFITS FOR ACCIDENTAL INJURIES ONLY"

This was an accident in every sense of the word. Please let me know why it was denied as such. I have a doctors signature and the receipt from her services. Do I just need to submit that or was this a glitch? I have never had to submit those things before.

Thank you

Laura and Andrew

December 9th, 2008

Hi ***. I have a problem or rather my cat does and wanted your advice.

I found Marley at the pound on Sept 24th. He looked like he had a severe eye problem and his cage was labeled "stray" so I asked what would happen to him. Of course they would just put him to sleep so long story short I fostered him. They reluctantly gave me some clavamox drops saying he had a URI. On the 24th, only his eye looked bad but I picked him up on the 26th and he had nose bubbles, yuck. They said his eye was just ulcered from the URI. After the meds, he seemed really no different. I took him back to the pound vet (technically, he wasn't my cat). They gave me some ointment for his eye and said it was just ulcered. They also said he should get better from the URI in a few weeks. He didn't. I called the pound foster coordinator three weeks later. She yelled at me that I wasn't taking proper care of Marley and what kind of person was I, etc. Really rude. She said obviously I wanted to adopt him so he was either my problem now or I could bring him it to put him to sleep. Sobbing, I got off the phone. I was planning on asking you what I should do about his URI around that time when the worst happened.
Right before Thanksgiving, Marley ( who I believe to be blind and possibly deaf too) got into my garage and stayed under my car when I backed up. Let me add that Marley is the sweetest cat ever. He was obviously hurt and had blood coming out of his mouth, I rushed him to the nearest vet. They gave him oxygen, xrays, IV, ect. Charged 300 dollars and sent us to the overnight pet hospital. He slowly stopped panting and they next day ate and made friends with everyone in the hospital. I told them the whole story of his URI and eye problem and even though they were certified in pet eye care, they did nothing but prescribe clavamox again. I told them it didn't work the first time but they said it should work. argghhh. you would think that 1,200 would have paid for them to help me with his long standing problems as well. Also, he didn't have anything wrong from the accident. No broken bones or anything. It was a miracle!

So I am wondering if this is something marley just has to live with? Can a cat just have chronic URI symptoms?
I really appreciate it.

(never got a response from her.. thanks a lot!)

December 11, 2008
Hi ***. How are you?

Well, last night was just plain awful. Avery also is getting her eye teeth and I HOPE it is due to that.
She went down after 3 tries at 9 pm in her room. I immediately went to bed even though it is sooo nice to get the break from her to do what I want. I decided to sleep. She woke up at 10:30 and I layed down in her room with her on her mattress and nursed her back to sleep. Then I creeped back out into my own bed at 11:45. She woke up around midnight and opened her door and came into my room. I let her in my bed and nursed her to sleep. She was up at 1 and same thing. Then up at 2 but this time she wouldn't go back down. Even with nursing and even in our bed. I got up and gave her motrin. She kept getting out of my bed and trying to drag me out with her but I kept refusing. I also threatened her crib. Then I tried to put her to sleep in her room while rocking and nursing her. She nursed and then got up, over and over again. Finally around 4 a.m. she settled down in my bed without nursing. It was so frustrating and the motrin didn't seem to make a difference. My husband was like "oh I am sorry (around 3:30 a.m). I said if your that sorry, you can get up and help me at any time now! ugghh. That really stinks about nursing. Husbands get out of a LOT of baby care. Will you nurse next time? I know it has it's benefits, I guess if I were to do it again... I would just make sure they would take a bottle too. Avery has just been stubborn her whole life! Boy are we in for it.

Talk to you soon,


Hi there people who read this!

I thought it may be fun to update by posting some of my old written mail from the past few months. It may seem weird but what the heck!! It will be interesting. I will start from the beginning of November. I will delete names of others, of course!!

November 3rd, 2008

jeez ***. I am sorry your friend got her panties up in a bunch about this. You were clearly just letting her know the facts. You didn't even try to tell her what a dope McCain is and you clearly didn't tell her who she should vote for. My guess is that *** is a little insecure about her voting decision this election. Why else would she lash out? Maybe all her friends have been trying to tell her to change her vote and she is on edge because of it? I supposed I would just leave her alone at least until after the election hype settles. Sorry about that!

On a side note, I get upset when I even see that a friend or neighbor is pro McCain. I really wish some people wouldn't tell me so that I can keep on thinking that they are knowledgeable sensible people that I want to remain in contact with. See, I am worse than you!

Nov 4th 2008
wow the stupidity!
Can I use hydrocortisone valerate cream 0.2% on avery's feet? They look horrible today and I have some of that cream.


Nov 5th, 2008
perfect! Let me know what/if she says anything. I am queen of controversial emails and recently had to write one to the condo owner where we stayed in California for charging us for a dryer knob. She thought we stole it! Anyways, I just heard Obama's g-ma died. How sad she didn't get to see her grandson become president. Let's hope we do!!

On Nov 12, 2008, at 2:15 PM, ** ****wrote:

There has been a Tabby cay that has been hanging around my house for at least 3 weeks. It was pretty skinny when it came, but is in better shape since I have been feeding it. It fits the description you placed in your ad and looks like your photo. I live on the other side of the city at *** Ave. and ** so I don't know if it would travel this far. I am allergic to cats so I have not brought it into the house, but it is very loving and playful. I don't know if it is male or female. I am hoping to find its owner.
**** ****

Nov 13, 2008
Thank you so much for your email. I really appreciate people like you who take the time and effort to do what is right for lost animals!

Ironically, Lucy has come home. I thought I removed all the ads that I put on the internet, I am sorry for that. It really was a miracle. Lucy was gone for nearly a month. I looked everywhere near and far. One morning, I opened the door to let my other cat inside, and Lucy ran in! She was really hungry and really skinny but otherwise unharmed. She hasn't left since.

Thank you for your email! And in case you were thinking about taking the cat to a shelter, the humane society is far more humane than the pound. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.


On Nov 13, 2008, at 1:15 PM, *** ** wrote:

Hi Laura. Hope all is well. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind being one of our featured members in the upcoming newsletter. Here are the questions....

1. Where did you hear about MOMS Club and how long have you been a member?

I heard about the moms club online and did a search for clubs in my area. That was about a year ago, I believe.

2. Where are you from and how long have you been in Phoenix?

I was born in Tucson and lived there until I was 12. We moved to Phoenix and I have been here ever since.

3. What was your work in your prior life (before child) and do you work outside the home now?

I finished x-ray school in 1998. In 2000, I got my mammography license and also starting doing dexa bone scans (for Osteoporosis). After Ileigh was born, I worked part time for a while and since Avery I haven't worked. I will be going back to work next year sometime. I might go into MRI next.

4. Tell us about your children - names, ages, what you enjoy doing together?

Austin is 13 and in 8th grade. Ileigh is 4 and is in Pre-K. Avery is 18 months and she stays home with me but would LOVE to be going to school right now with the others. She gets really excited when we pick up the others at school. For fun we go for bike rides, watch movies, or get out of town and go up north. But sometimes it's as simple as going to Peter Piper Pizza or Costco!

5. Tell us about your husband - name, occupation, what you enjoy doing together, how you met?

I met Andy in 2000. I went to high school with his older sister and found her on a reunion website. She invited me to her upcoming wedding and I met Andy briefly, but he was in the Army and lived elsewhere. I remained in contact with Racheal, who had a birthday just 3 days before mine. We would have parties together or at least go out around that time. One birthday, Andy had just got out of the Army and wanted to go out with us. We have been together ever since. We married in Hawaii in 2003. Andy works in a heart Cath lab. He is also an X-ray tech, but it's purely coincidence!

6. What are your interests/hobbies or what do you do in your spare time?

I love photography and take pictures everyday. In spare time, I work on photo projects online, go to the zoo with the kids, but mostly I am picking up after 3 kids!

If you could get me your answers, along with a picture of you and your children, by the end of next week I would really appreciate it. And, if you don't want to do this, let me know as quickly as possible so I can get in touch with someone else. Thanks! ****

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Avery's Words

Avery says a ton more than Ileigh did at 17 months. Here are the words I can think of right now that she says.

Uh oh
Bye bye
graysi belle

She also nods and shakes her head for yes and no and follows simple directions. She gives kisses when you ask and waves bye bye. She loves shoes and will go get them and tries to put everyone's on her feet. She laughs when she toots and then announces, Poop! She loves baby dolls, ducks, and dogs. She doesn't like getting strapped in her car seat or having a door shut in her face. She will put her hands down on the ground, put her head on the floor with her butt up and bang her head on the ground. Sometimes she bangs it harder than she means too. She also bangs her head on doors frequently. She still has a temper and lashes out when she doesn't get what she wants. Ileigh seems to have a scar on her face that Avery gave her on my birthday. It is shown in Ileigh's school pictures this year. She bites me when she is mad yet she still wants me for comfort. She loves picking Ileigh up from school and I think she is ready to go herself. We hope soon!
Sorry I have been so lame lately. If anyone still bothers to read this, I think about posting daily. I actually post monthly. I think up elaborate wonderful entertaining humorous posts in my head and they don't ever make it to my fingers. I will try harder. =0

Thursday, October 23, 2008

If you haven't heard already..

Please vote for Ileigh in her fairy costume!!! One vote per day per email address. I have been on there everyday with all of ours, but my mom and aunt say the page takes too long to load so if we lose, I know who to blame. =) Please go to the site and vote for Ileigh Ohmer so we can go back to Disneyland when she doesn't have bronchitis!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sickness and cats....

We to go to Urgent care while on our vacation. =( No, not a shark bite. =)

We arrived on Saturday and Sunday and Ileigh had a mild cough, as did the cousins that are with us. By Monday night it was worse and Tuesday was our day at Disneyland. She said she was happy and having fun but only smiled a couple of times and fell asleep as soon as we let her in Avery's stroller. We actually went back to the car and sat in there for over an hour while she slept and we ate some sandwiches. I felt so bad for her and we were very disappointed that it was super duper hot and seemed crowded although it is off season. Thank goodness my older sister (who lives here) came with us and offered to watch Avery so that we could ride some rides. The awesome thing is that Ileigh was not afraid to ride anything and we didn't have to "talk" her into any rides. She even rode space mountain. I think she like splash mountain the best but she says she liked Nemo, which I thought was boring and too loud and we had to wait an hour for it. !!! Avery was better behaved than we thought and better behaved than Ileigh was at the same age at Disneyworld. Ileigh as a baby would try to jump off the rides and we had to hold her in. Avery sat happily in my lap or danced to the songs. She loved Pirates of the Carribbean! The only thing that made her cry was Mickey Mouse dressed up. lol. I have pictures I will share later. Anyways, Ileigh persevered and now I really really want to go again when she will be happier. Maybe early next year. =I
So one night Ileigh was coughing so hard and sounded like her lungs were just completely full of crud. She was crying because she couldn't breathe and I was so worried. She had extremely labored breathing so we took her to urgent care and got a Z pack and albuterol. Now I think I am getting it.
On a side note, I now have 5 cats. I had 2 inside cats plus Andy's sister's garage cat... then we got a kitten after Lucy was gone for 2 weeks. Then I went to the shelter the day before Lucy returned to look for her one last time before our trip. There was a cat there that was so sweet and caught my attention. He is orange like one I wanted and looked blind in one eye. I asked a volunteer about what would happen to him if he needed medical help and she said they would most likely kill him and that if I had any interest to put my name in up front. I did but she didn't even ask my number so I figured oh well. She told me he wouldn't be for adoption for a while anyways. I left and the next day LUCY CAME HOME!!! (still so happy and dumbfounded) A few hours later, a lady called and asked if I could foster the orange cat. They have a full house and were going to kill the cat since it needed meds. !!! I couldn't let him die because I said no. I knew we were leaving and Andy's sister was going to have to give him meds but I decided I would just have to pay her well while we were gone. Technically, he is not my cat and we do have to keep him separate since he is sick. when he is better than we can return him or adopt him. Poor little kitty! I just had to share that story with you guys. You probably all think I am crazy but I would have taken all those shelter kitties if I could. I wish I could open a no kill shelter or something some day.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A miracle! A miracle!

I was just emailing someone who lost their cat that I had seen one that looked like her at the pound yesterday. She didn't know about the area shelters so I told her hours and locations and the whole process they go through after intake. At the end of my email I told her I hoped she had better luck than me. I have been going every few days to all the shelters and put up posters everywhere and lucy hadn't turned up. I told her I had pretty much given up hope. Then I went to let the dog back in from his morning pee and Lucy RAN IN! I about fell over dead! She has been gone for 18 days! She is super skinny and quite talkative but looks great. I really think she was trapped somewhere. Poor baby! I can't believe my luck today!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Today started out a little rough. I put Avery in her carseat and (as usual) she protested by banging her head really hard backward. Ileigh got up next to her and yelled "No Abury! No!" To which Avery replied with clawing at Ileigh's eyes and cheeks. (not unusual either). Wouldn't you know today is picture day for Ileigh? So, I went inside to get Ileigh a paper towel for the blood (yes I have a very mean baby) and while I was gone, Ileigh decided to retaliate and sock Avery in the head with her fist. So now I have two screaming children in the back seat and Austin yelling at Ileigh for hitting the baby. Ileigh threw her paper towel at me and I had to politely remind everyone that today is MY birthday.

Isn't motherhood fun? =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where or where is Lucy

I am giving up hope. She is very smart and although I hope she is still going to come home, it just seems like she would have by now. I keep picturing her trapped in someone's shed or stuck in a tree or crushed in someones rat trap. I feel like she is somewhere needing me and meowing but I just don't know where. I keep thinking I see her and when I last saw her and how she was sleeping in the corner of the crib just last week and I was so mad as I kicked her out. I miss her so much. I am also afraid some neighbor either stole her or ran over her and just doesn't want to tell me. I would rather know as I am going to be searching for her forever. I still look for my cat Celia without thinking about it and I lost her over 2 yrs ago now. Silly I know. Some people just don't understand how much animals can mean to their owners.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My poor Lucy Liu

My other cat has been going crazy meowing and looking all over for her. I have hung posters all over, asked neighbors, and went to 3 pet shelters so far looking. She never goes far from home and always has come when I call for her. She is the sweetest kitty. Every person who has come to my house has asked if I will give her to them, she is that sweet. She cuddles with everyone and purrs and doesn't struggle to get out of your arms when you hold her. She lets babies pull her fur and purrs when her brother Pepe gets wild and bites her neck. She was the perfect kitty. I keep thinking I see her everywhere and that I am hearing her meow. I am almost ready for the funny farm. Please wish/pray/hope for Lucy to come back to me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A horrible thing.. well two actually

Number one:

Austin, Ileigh, Avery and I went to Border's bookstore which is at an outdoor mall. We went after I picked the kids up at school yesterday evening. There was a very welcomed storm and the rain was hard by the time we reached the store. Austin braved the down pour and got the stroller out of the trunk for me while I unstrapped Avery from the backseat. Ileigh was anxious to see the rain so she hopped out of the car and so I was "yelling" at her to get under the cover of the mall walkway. She wasn't listening to me and instead was on the sidewalk next to the walkway getting soaked. I grabbed Avery out and ran for cover all the while yelling for Ileigh to move where I was headed. As soon as I got to the walkway a huge gust of wind came and the wall to my right flew off and into me, who was holding Avery. It happened so fast that seriously, if it would have killed me I wouldn't have had time to realize it. Avery and I were on the ground with metal, boards, and drywall on our heads and even in our mouths. Austin started yelling Oh my God over and over again and trying to free us. Avery was screaming. Ileigh was inches away and didn't get hurt. If she had listened to me, I am sure she would not be with us today. If Avery had been in my left arm instead of my right, the wall would've hit her head full force before it hit me. We are so lucky. An ambulance and fire trucks came. I am bruised and in a lot of pain but happy to be here. Avery mostly got hurt in the face. It was scary not knowing if she was okay at first, but her crying was a good sign. The mall is doing construction and apparently the wall wasn't on very well. They are lucky as well that it wasn't an elderly person or small child that got hit.

Number two:
Now my precious kitty is missing.


Sorry so many of my pictures are now cut off in the middle

Sorry I haven't posted in so long

Sorry if you read my blog and have been bored lately

Sorry if any of these words hurt your eyes


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Update on the Walking front

Avery is taking more steps! She began taking a few on July 19th. I can't even put a date on walking because it is just a few more everyday! Last night about 10 pm. she did this funny walk-dance from the bed over to me which was about 10 steps or more. She gets so proud of herself, laughing and snorting. She is such a hoot! If only she slept at night, I really would enjoy her. Instead, I am longing for her to be older so I can be a real human again and not just a mama.

2 more days...

Until school starts!!!!! Yay!! I can't wait to get these arguing bossy kids out of the house and into a learning environment! I can't believe how much Ileigh has grown the past few months. She is talking up a storm now, she asks why about everything, explains things that happened over a year ago in detail, and tests her limits on everything! She encroaches on Austin's space every time they watch tv, it bugs him like crazy, so then he pretends to change her shows, etc. It's a never ending cycle with them. Meanwhile, I have a baby that WILL NOT sleep. I swear, her happiest times are between the hours of 11 pm and 2 am.

Also, Avery finally got into the daycare we have had her on the waitlist for since I was pregnant. I knew the price went down from 1,050 a month to 900 a month when they turned 18 mos. So when they called, I told her I really wanted to wait until November since she will be 18 mos and I hopefully will be done breastfeeding. She said they changed their program and now the kids are separated at 12 mos until they are 2. The price also went up. To 12,050!!!! No way. We can't do that. So I have looked and looked at other daycares/ preschools. There is nothing. Everything has a waitlist or is crap or doesn't take kids until age 2 or 3. I just don't know what to do since we don't have family to watch her and we don't have money for me to keep staying home forever. It sucks!

Thursday, July 24, 2008