Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A horrible thing.. well two actually

Number one:

Austin, Ileigh, Avery and I went to Border's bookstore which is at an outdoor mall. We went after I picked the kids up at school yesterday evening. There was a very welcomed storm and the rain was hard by the time we reached the store. Austin braved the down pour and got the stroller out of the trunk for me while I unstrapped Avery from the backseat. Ileigh was anxious to see the rain so she hopped out of the car and so I was "yelling" at her to get under the cover of the mall walkway. She wasn't listening to me and instead was on the sidewalk next to the walkway getting soaked. I grabbed Avery out and ran for cover all the while yelling for Ileigh to move where I was headed. As soon as I got to the walkway a huge gust of wind came and the wall to my right flew off and into me, who was holding Avery. It happened so fast that seriously, if it would have killed me I wouldn't have had time to realize it. Avery and I were on the ground with metal, boards, and drywall on our heads and even in our mouths. Austin started yelling Oh my God over and over again and trying to free us. Avery was screaming. Ileigh was inches away and didn't get hurt. If she had listened to me, I am sure she would not be with us today. If Avery had been in my left arm instead of my right, the wall would've hit her head full force before it hit me. We are so lucky. An ambulance and fire trucks came. I am bruised and in a lot of pain but happy to be here. Avery mostly got hurt in the face. It was scary not knowing if she was okay at first, but her crying was a good sign. The mall is doing construction and apparently the wall wasn't on very well. They are lucky as well that it wasn't an elderly person or small child that got hit.

Number two:
Now my precious kitty is missing.

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