Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sickness and cats....

We to go to Urgent care while on our vacation. =( No, not a shark bite. =)

We arrived on Saturday and Sunday and Ileigh had a mild cough, as did the cousins that are with us. By Monday night it was worse and Tuesday was our day at Disneyland. She said she was happy and having fun but only smiled a couple of times and fell asleep as soon as we let her in Avery's stroller. We actually went back to the car and sat in there for over an hour while she slept and we ate some sandwiches. I felt so bad for her and we were very disappointed that it was super duper hot and seemed crowded although it is off season. Thank goodness my older sister (who lives here) came with us and offered to watch Avery so that we could ride some rides. The awesome thing is that Ileigh was not afraid to ride anything and we didn't have to "talk" her into any rides. She even rode space mountain. I think she like splash mountain the best but she says she liked Nemo, which I thought was boring and too loud and we had to wait an hour for it. !!! Avery was better behaved than we thought and better behaved than Ileigh was at the same age at Disneyworld. Ileigh as a baby would try to jump off the rides and we had to hold her in. Avery sat happily in my lap or danced to the songs. She loved Pirates of the Carribbean! The only thing that made her cry was Mickey Mouse dressed up. lol. I have pictures I will share later. Anyways, Ileigh persevered and now I really really want to go again when she will be happier. Maybe early next year. =I
So one night Ileigh was coughing so hard and sounded like her lungs were just completely full of crud. She was crying because she couldn't breathe and I was so worried. She had extremely labored breathing so we took her to urgent care and got a Z pack and albuterol. Now I think I am getting it.
On a side note, I now have 5 cats. I had 2 inside cats plus Andy's sister's garage cat... then we got a kitten after Lucy was gone for 2 weeks. Then I went to the shelter the day before Lucy returned to look for her one last time before our trip. There was a cat there that was so sweet and caught my attention. He is orange like one I wanted and looked blind in one eye. I asked a volunteer about what would happen to him if he needed medical help and she said they would most likely kill him and that if I had any interest to put my name in up front. I did but she didn't even ask my number so I figured oh well. She told me he wouldn't be for adoption for a while anyways. I left and the next day LUCY CAME HOME!!! (still so happy and dumbfounded) A few hours later, a lady called and asked if I could foster the orange cat. They have a full house and were going to kill the cat since it needed meds. !!! I couldn't let him die because I said no. I knew we were leaving and Andy's sister was going to have to give him meds but I decided I would just have to pay her well while we were gone. Technically, he is not my cat and we do have to keep him separate since he is sick. when he is better than we can return him or adopt him. Poor little kitty! I just had to share that story with you guys. You probably all think I am crazy but I would have taken all those shelter kitties if I could. I wish I could open a no kill shelter or something some day.

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