Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ileigh's first Christmas

Ileigh started grabbing things Christmas day!!! yay! She woke up and fussed herself into a scream almost all morning. Then we went to my moms house and Andy and I took turns holding her because she was very fussy. I am pretty sure she needed to poop. I can tell when it is a poop scream and she finally did. She got a peek a block train at my mom's. I got an ionic air purifier for her room. Then we went to Andy's family's house. Ileigh got some baby einstein toys, a rattle and two outfits. There was another baby there who's 8 mos. She is almost walking and quite a bit different from our Ileigh. She will sit and play with toys and I was concerned about all the sharp corners she was playing around. When she almost hit her head I swooped her up and her parents were like Oh she's fine she hits her head all the time, we just let her. OOOOkay.. That explains all her scratches and bumps. Poor kids.
Ileigh was handed a truck by an older boy and she grabbed it! Then Ileigh's great-grandma gave her a teether and she grabbed it and bit it! She has never done that! I was thrilled. So today, I went to target and bought her some new toys that were on clearance. I am so excited to have her actually play with stuff. I bought her an incrediblock toy by fisher price. It is full of peek a blocks. I also bought the elephant popper toy. Toys are so fun but we really don't have much room! I think we are going to have to move when Ileigh is about 2ish. Later, we had corn chowder for dinner and portabella mushroom with veggies. It was all vegetarian. I made banana cream pie. Ileigh wore a cute Christmas dress I will post later. It was a good holiday!

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