Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ileigh's first wedding

Ileigh went to her first wedding which was of my best friend, Shannon. We drove home from Sedona that morning, and were feeling a little stressed. I was the Maid (Matron) of Honour and so I had a lot to do! I had to go get my hair done at noon and help Shannon with numerous other things. Daddy had to watch Ileigh almost all day =)! I bought her a special little bride-like dress and pretty shoes with little ivory roses on them. I bought Austin a suit and tie and he looked like such a handsome man! Ileigh had a hard time sleeping since she doesn't like her back. Daddy held her and danced all night long. Everyone told me what a great dad he was and I told them how much I was going to have to PAY later on! Ha Ha. I had to give a toast to my friend and I was soo scared. Everything worked out great though. Austin even sung karoke and did "the windmill" and some other breakdancing moves. Go Austin- Go Austin -Go Austin.

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