Friday, December 24, 2004

Santa didn't bring them any toys!

Oh no! I thought Ileigh was just being lazy with her eyes. Now I know she has a LAZY eye! I hope they can correct this easily and painlessly. I guess I should be thankful nothing more serious is wrong with her. It's pretty amazing that the body can create such a complex, functioning creature. There is bound to be glitches. I suppose on the outside is better than on the inside!
Ileigh has been cranky again. I keep thinking she may be sick or have an infection. I want to take her to the doctor, but then I change my mind and think she is fine. Maybe I just have a temper on my hands.
As far as milestones go, Ileigh has been rolling over full circle. She schreeches, puffers, and ahahhhhhs. She will put weight on her two feet when held upright. (We are working on this so that she will stand in the bouncer and exersaucer.) She has tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes (loved), bananas (hated), and carrots (spewed at me but was kinda in a bad mood). I am bad and don't feed her baby food everyday. She doesn't seem much into it and maybe I started to early.
Ileigh does not support her upper body very well. I think it may be a few more months before she gets to sitting up. She is a very petite girl and I still have strangers comment on what a "new" baby she is. I also get stopped all over the place and told what a gorgeous baby she is. I do think she is beautiful, but she is mine and that has a lot to do with it.

Tomorrow is Ileigh's first Christmas and Austin's 10th. Austin does not believe in Santa this year so we will have our first year not playing it. Next year, we may have to start over with Ileigh. I can't believe she will be nearly 18 months old next Christmas!! This year, she is not getting anything from us. She gets spoiled everyday, there is no sense in taking the time to wrap stuff for me to open for her tomorrow. I think the only reason people may do that is if they have other kids that believe in Santa. They don't want their other kids to say "Hey, the baby must've been really bad this year, Santa didn't bring them any toys!"

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