Monday, December 06, 2004

Sickness Sucks

Do you ever wonder how others do it? I mean, taking care of a sick baby while you, yourself, is sick, just sucks. How do people do it? People with more than one baby at home, people with twins, people that have to it on their own, or in other countries, I just don't know.
Gratefully, I only have one baby at home. It is hard enough to get her and I out of the bath with gut wrenching pain in my abdomen, snot running off of both of our faces and a cough horrific enough to wake the dead. I drag myself to the kitchen to make a bottle and down some medicine while she lies shivering from the bath. Then I hold her bottle with one hand, put a diaper and onesie on with the other while trying to put pressure on my stabbing stomach pains with my knee. Finally, I am debilitated on the bed and trying to talk playfully with her enough to entertain. Sickness Sucks.

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