Sunday, January 30, 2005

Much better!!! And a small gripe

Ileigh's cold is still going on. She has a constantly dripping nose which we suction much to her dismay. For the most part she puts up with us doing it, but now that we learned the hold one nostril shut trick, she doesn't much care for the procedure. However, she is acting MUCH better. Sometimes... I know what it is like to have a normal baby. The kind people want to come up and talk to, hold, kiss, and exclaim over. Oh yeah, and babysit.
Speaking of babysitting. I must get something off my chest. While pregnant, my mother was very excited. She wanted to be close to a granddaughter and spoke of all the things they would do together. She has mentioned a few times that she really bonded with the grandchildren she witnessed being born. I expressed my desires for her to be with me. It was planned to be such. Ever since the evening of me sobbing in the ER on the phone with her, begging for her to come down to the hospital and help me while I was in labor, things have gone downhill in the grandmother department. But Laura, it's raining. But Laura, it's past my bedtime. But Laura, you may be in labor for hours. But Laura, can't you find anyone else?
I'm suprised she even called me the next day to find out if we were alive or dead.
What all this is leading up to is the continuous disappointment of my mother not wanting to hold Ileigh, babysit Ileigh, and the latest setback, she is now not willing to care for her after her retirement. Yes, yesterday she started hinting that there were so many things she has plans to do after retiring in March, that Ileigh is just not going to fit into her schedule.. as we all had expected for the past year. This includes being paid to care for her. Part time, I may add.


That's my family for ya!

I am seriously thinking of just moving away from all of it. Why does she want me here anyways?

Oh yeah, and there is no need to even think she may want to discuss things with me after reading this, because no matter how many times I give my mom the address to my blog, she doesn't read it.

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