Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Our Little Ileigh

I have a little baby
and she's pretty as can be!
But we have to call her fuss face,
because that's mostly what we see!

She'll laugh and smile at you
but lurking right beneath
are wimper's, squeals, and whines,
I hope that it's new teeth!

My fuss face hates her carseat.
She won't sleep on her back.
If her doctor's knew our habits,
We wouldn't get any slack.

My little crabby kiddo
tests our stregnth everyday
She really is a crank pot
In many different ways.

To get the noise to stop,
we start the feat of sleep
we lie with her and pat her back
and pray for a little peace.

We use a pacifier
and it should not be called such
the squirt can whine right through it
and it doesn't help us much.

Sometimes we think she must be sick!
It's reflux, gas or new teeth.
The doctor says "she's fine again".
pay 20 dollars and then leave.

When do they grow out of this?
About 3 months it's supposed to be.
Dear God, she's nearly twice that!
It's just too hard on me.

So I get used to stares from strangers
and the sitters who quit on me.
Does she have a broken arm?
No, that's just Our Little Ileigh!

1 comment:

geo_wally said...

Nice poem Laura. You know she is going to love that as she gets older though! (Thinking of certain other cranky baby who has turned into a cranky 12-year-old).

Ileigh's Aunt