Thursday, January 06, 2005

Our world is inside out for a while..

Two days ago, Ileigh woke up with snot all over her face. It's a brand new virus! To my suprise, she was more smiley than usual, but that just goes along with being such a backwards kiddo. Now when she cries, we have something to blame it on. Every time she coughs, it sounds like she is choking. My heart stops at every episode because I am just sure her breathing has stopped. I am still losing copious amounts of hair, and I invision wads of it stuck in her tiny intestines. Can you say--Bezoar. To the medicine cabinet! Now my baby has been dosing an antibiotic (sinus infection?), tylenol with cold medicine, Zantac (reflux), and the regular old dose of gas drops. Sigh.. a druggie in the making. And it's all my fault. Wait a second-- if she would stop fussing all the time, I probably wouldn't be giving her anything...... Oh well.
I met another baby last night at Austin's church performance of Follow That Star. He was cute. One week older, sitting up, and happily sucking away at his paci. I thought I should probably give her my phone number since she is also a SAHM and we could possibly take our babies to the park together some day. But then I thought, who am I kidding? She has a million friends, is active in the church (taking to everybody), I found out later that she was the set AND costume designer (she has time as a SAHM?), not to mention sat with another cute young couple with young kids and a baby. SIGH again.
Ileigh just woke up choking.. I mean coughing. Poor Baby. I think she went back to sleep though.
Austin was great in the play. He knew all his lines and just stumbled a little bit on a super-not-kid-friendly line "His name would be Jesus! And his birth would fulfil this word of the Lord spoken by the prophets." Sheesh! That is a mouthful! I camcorded the whole thing..

The holidays went pretty well, unless you consider Ileigh's embarassing behavior around family I see once every 3 years. My cousin's wife, Karen, is an angel from heaven and miraculously able to tune out every cry and struggle as she snuggles our fuss bundle. Upon introducing Ileigh to the angel, she promptly let out a few loud farts... and then proceeded to fuss for the next 72 hours of her stay. January 2nd, was my dear Nonnie's funeral (my grandma), in which Andy had to completely miss, standing outside the chapel with a howling infant. Afterwards, we got into a big fight which had nothing to do with what we were arguing about. Consequently, Andy also missed Austin's play. Yes.... our world is inside out for a while.

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