Sunday, January 23, 2005

Today, I can say, Life is Shit

Something is wrong with the baby. No Really. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE BABY! She won't eat. She won't sleep. I can't sleep. I can't think.
Everything was going great. Six months was the charm apparently. Then came six month shots. Then came a lower immune system. Then came a cold from hell. Then came screams. Several of them. Over and over. Won't stop. I swear she better have something to really be turned inside out over because no stuffy nose or sore throat could possibly warrant the sounds coming out of that infants lungs.

Doctor tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and more good news. Austin was diagnosed with epilepsy. He started on Trileptal which has several fun side effects. yay. Life is Shit.
Okay, I know, it could be worse. So I will say. Today Life is Shit. Is that better?


Happay said...

I'm sorry that things aren't going well. I hope they all make a big turn around soon. I'll pray that the Trileptal works for Austin and he doesn't experience any bad side effects. Hugs Momma!

Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

I'm so sorry that Ileigh is feeling bad and I hope the dr's appt goes well today. They need to figure out what is troubling her and not just tell you to use a humidifier.

I'm glad to hear that Austin's drs finally did come to a diagnosis, but I'm sorry that it is epilepsy. Hopefully the side effects of this new medicine will go away after he takes it for a little while.

I'll continue to think of you, and hope that everything takes a turn for the better really soon.