Saturday, July 08, 2006

My baby is almost 2!

And I have to say.. she is still a baby. She does not act at all like Austin did at this age. I mean, I actually had a party for Austin with a bounce house and he invited friends! He picked out a cake, and we were in the process of Potty training. Ileigh well, she doesn't really talk, she could never pick out a cake and how would I even know if she had friends? I am sure she sometimes plays with kids at daycare but well, Ileigh is just a special girl.

Her birthday is friday and I have no idea what to do. Last night we took Ileigh up to desert ridge where they have water fountains for kids to play in. We thought she would love it since she has so much fun around water. I guess the commotion was too much for her. She only wanted to run away from the playground. She ran in front of people walking, tried to escape into the ice cream store, and her favorite thing was to climb up onto the landscape planters. She even grabbed onto a cactus once but it didn't phase her. We all would try to hold her hand to guide her but she has a little trick when it comes to that. She will sit down, twist around, scream and then hop up and run away. We usually end up grabbing her and carrying her around twisting and screaming as people stare us down. Oh it was so much fun!

I guess I won't be taking her up there for her birthday! I am not sure what to do with her. On Saturday we are having a small neighborhood party. It will be 3 kids we are inviting which means maybe 1 will show. Saturday night we are inviting family over. It will be Andy's and my family which should be interesting. My aunt won't be there though as she has informed me she never will be since her granddaughter's bday is the day before Ileigh's. I really can't see anyone ever "flying in" to help Ileigh celebrate her birthday to tell you the truth. Well this year it won't matter anyways. Ileigh isn't going to know any different.

We are still finding scorpions and still thinking about moving out of state. It wouldn't be for a year or so. I just have no idea where to go. I don't want a lot of snow but it would be nice to not have so much heat too. I really don't want to lose all our money on this house. That stinks.

More pictures coming soon!

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geo_wally said...

Happy Birthday Ileigh!!!

Can't wait to see the birthday pictures!