Monday, September 25, 2006

ANd finally, A POST

Andy took me to breakfast in Fountain Hills (Beverly Hills of phoenix). We ate rooftop at the Copperwind Resort and Spa. We listened to a lot of hoyty toyty people’s conversations. We walked around and visited the huge fountain that shoots straight up in the air and you can see it miles away.
Then we returned and went to the spa. We got into robes and waited for our massages. We both got hot rock massages. You lay down on several hot rocks and they even put them between your toes. Then they spread oil all over you and rub your muscles with the hot rocks. It was neat! Afterwards, we went to the movies. We saw Covenant and it was okay. Kind of a teenage flick, I guess.
We came home to see Ileigh and Austin and then got all dressed up fancy. Sorry I didn’t take any pics either. Our friends Amy and Tim came over and we left to pick up Andy’s sister Racheal. We all went to a very fancy French restaurant called Vincent’s. They served automatic appetizers even if you don’t want them. Then we got our menus. hmmmmm... they had duck, veal, wild boar, pork loin, rack of lamb, lobster with peppers, Sirloin, and Salmon. Not much of what I eat. Bummer. I told Andy I was just going to get the Lobster bisque appetizer and he got mad. So I ordered that and the Salmon. I usually don’t like ordering Salmon when I go out because I make the best Salmon in the world right here at home. And it was 30 dollars alone. While our waiter was getting our order, he spied a small bug (roach) by my side of the table (on the table). He quietly went over there and tried to wipe it off the table with the menus. I had to laugh. He laid the menus over it and took our order. Then he picked up the menus and left. The roach was sitting there staring at us!
I know this is weird but it just doesn’t bother me that much that we saw a roach. The restaurant is in the central part of Phoenix and in a very old house. I am sure they have lots of roaches. Ce La Vie. If it was in my food, well, that would be a different story! Anyways, Tim got up and told a waiter that it was still at our table. They never returned though and it went away.
Next, we got our food. Andy had ordered the rack of lamb and was given sirloin. We had to wait while they remade his food. Andy told them it was my birthday and we all received deserts of various kinds. Then the waiter came over and told us our meal was on the house. The bill was around $400 dollars with having 5 entrees, appetizers, soups, desserts and two bottles of wine. Awesome!
Tim and Amy asked us to look behind us. It was the former vice president Dan Quayle. Amy really wanted me to ask him for his autograph. I joked and said that when I blew the candle out I wished that Dan Quayle would sing me happy birthday. HA HA. I told Amy if she really wanted me to, I would ask him for his autograph. Then my husband got so embarrassed he left to “go get the car”. Racheal left too, to help him get the car. Tim wanted to leave but Amy wouldn’t let him.
Amy went up and politely asked for his autograph, for me. He asked what my name was and he wrote Happy Birthday Laura 9-23-06 Dan Quayle. How exciting! I am not really a fan, but it’s always cool to meet a well known person.

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