Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back from screening ultrasound

Results were all good! yay Nuchal translucency was 1mm and they don't worry until 3mm. Nasal bone was present too. I was suprised it wasn't transvag. It was a brand new super strong machine, apparently. So you dont need a full bladder or anything. Its just a tummy scan.
Baby was so cute. We saw fingers, toes, even genitals but can't tell what gender they were yet. Hee hee. It looked like a boy at first, but later looked girlish. Oh well, I can wait.
I got some great pictures and will try to scan some to share. My u/s due date was May 26. So that made me happy too. Andy got to watch and I it made both of us really excited. I think he wants a boy though. I have a feeling it is.
My chances of having a ds baby are now 1 in 4,498 insteat of 1 in 478. All good to know!

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