Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hello and stuff

Well, Andy is working today and I am home alone all weekend. We need to decorate the tree but I am waiting for Andy so we can all do it together. I heard on the news today that you need to wash your hands after handling Christmas lights. That the wires contain lead to keep them from catching fire. I think I will let Andy do all the lights.
Ileigh is sleeping right now after screaming for juice. Unfortunately, she wants juice everytime she lays down. We mix it with mostly water but it is still a very risky thing. We can only hope she got her mom's straight teeth and and her dad's cavity free teeth.

My mom is gone on vacation for the week. I will be so lonely. She has told me not to expect to see her all of Christmas eve. To my complete shock, my lovely sister has tricked her into spending not only the night at her house but also the complete evening beforehand. No gift of the hearts, no Christmas walk, no Christmas eve service, no sitting by the fire while each family member chooses one gift to open early. NO. My sister in all her glory and selfishness has even made my mom sign some kind of contract so that she will not back out of their "evening" together. The only thing I can figure is going on in her crazy head is that for some reason she needs/wants our mother more than I do. That since I am married I have other things on my agenda. For some married people this is very true. However, I view Christmas eve as a family time and think that if she wants to be with Mother, even have her spend the night, that is fine, as long as the family is all together beforehand. Makes perfect sense to me. I also think it is important to mention that my sister's ex girlfriend celebrates Christmas on Christmas eve. So it's not like my sister would be all alone if it weren't for my mom. No, what she is planning on is bringing mom to her ex mother in law's house to all celebrate a warm and cozy Christmas ever together. Isn't see just the sweetest? I think it's over for us.

Back to my chipper self, the pregnancy is going great. I have little complaints except that I have been crying almost daily. Sometimes for no reason, sometimes because a friend of friends dog died, sometimes because of Sox or Celia, sometimes a dream about forgetting Ileigh at home, sometimes because things are the way they are. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for all that I have. Sometimes one just has to cry. I suppose this is pregnancy related. The happy part is, I am not too uncomfortable yet, not too sick, and I am trying to enjoy every moment of this pregancy. We are sure it is our last. I have to say though that if it is a boy, I may have to adopt or foster a girl a few years down the line. If I make it that far, I should say.

That's all for now.

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