Friday, February 02, 2007


So we put the house on the market a few days ago. No bites yet. That really stinks because we need to GET an offer by April so that we can be moved by May before baby comes. I am thinking we are going to have to take it off the market during the summer. Or lower the price drastically. We are asking 625,000. I know it's a lot but 2 houses on the street up are going for 625 and 635. We know the 625 one is not even have as nicely done as ours. There just aren't too many people out there in the 625 price range.

We have been looking for a new house. We want something cheaper for sure. We also want a half way decent neighborhood and a big yard. We can either opt for a cheapo house with lots of yard room to add on to, or get a 4-5 bedroom home now that will either be expensive or far from where we want to be. It's a tough call. Andy is extremely picky and has some different tastes than I do. Especially when it comes to adding on. He also likes everything open and all walls around the kitchen knocked down. I try to tell him if we don't leave walls all our crap will be floating around the middle of the rooms!

Andy is addicted to his computer games. He doesn't realize he has been on them for hours and sometimes gets to bed after one a.m. These are usually the nights Ileigh decides to wake up several times forcing me out of bed. I can bring her back to our bed and she goes right back to sleep. Problem is that Mama cannot sleep with Ileigh in our bed. Picture Andy on 3/4ths then Ileigh squished against pregnant Mama who is on the edge (with the scorpions lurking beneath). Andy has no recollection of Ileigh even being in our bed. Oh if I could sleep as heavy as he does I would feel great all day.

Austin is loving to sing lately. My family egged him on the other day and blamed me for not making him a star. Hellloo! He has to want to try out for things and he refuses. He is a pretty talented dancer. His singing would need a coach before he stars in any Broadway play though. Austin's newest phrase is "that's gay". He says this about everything.

Ileigh is crying now and she will only let me put her to sleep so bye for now.

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