Wednesday, March 07, 2007


We still haven't sold our house. Andy is getting so antsy. He wants to lower the price so we get it off our hands before the scorpions come out and eat our baby. I still want to stick through the summer and see what happens. I don't want to take a loss on the house.

I am feeling pregnant. I am 7 months pregnant today and my stomach is very round. With Ileigh and Austin my stomach grew out to the sides. This one is out front. This pregnanacy has been different in so many ways. It has been nice. I know it will be such a shock when the baby comes though. It has gone so fast already. We haven't had much time to think about it really being here. I don't know if I am ready for the screaming neediness! Unlike a lot of people, I don't care for the baby/infant stage. Although maybe its just that I haven't had much enjoyment of my own children until they were 18 months old or more.

Austin is turning 12 on Sunday! Almost a teenager. He wants a 400 dollar xbox for his birthday. I hope he gets enough cash and giftcards to get one. I know it is all he wants and I surely can't afford it right now. As it is I think we are going to put Ileigh to part time daycare. I am not working much now and it will only get less as time gets closer (10 or so more weeks). I am still going to keep her in daycare for the summer for sure. We just need to save some more money and sell this house!

We are getting Ileigh's hearing checked next week. I think she can hear fine but it is the first step in us seeing if she has a language delay. She has whole conversations that we cannot understand at all. I think she is getting better but we are still concerned. The most horrible thing right now is that she won't go to bed at night. She is so stinkin spoiled with her movies, sippies, pacies, and loveys yet she stands up and yells for us after we put her down. I don't know how on earth we would do it if she was in a big girl bed.

I have some cute pictures of Ileigh and daddy playing with bubbles. I am going to try to post them now.

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