Saturday, June 23, 2007


Avery is smiling!! Yesterday when I happened to actually have my camera on me, lol, I was talking to her and she gave me first a little smile and then a big open mouth one! I remember it taking Ileigh for ev er to smile. Avery did it at only 5 weeks. YAY! Oh, and I got a photo but it's a little blurry (okay, I was excited). I will post it after it's uploaded off my camera.

Our brick wall is done. It's a lot uglier than the oleanders but it had to be done in order to build our new addition. We will have a nice garage just in time for winter. *sigh* It has been a monsterous 112 here. Soo awful. Our electric bill was around 200 dollars.

We are awaiting the architect to draw up plans and then we have to submit them to the city. What stinks is that they want to redo our roof. It is a new roof. We didn't pay for it but it still sucks. Andy is worried that they are planning on ripping out the ceiling too. Not sure what we would do with all our stuff if they did that! That is the reason we are building an addition... too much stuff! It will be nice to have a baby room next to ours though. I am really looking forward to that.

Andy is back at work and so every day it's just me, Avery and Austin. Avery goes to sleep around 9 pm. She wakes to eat at 11, 1, and 4am to eat. The 4am feeding is the worst because she usually doesn't go back to sleep for a few hours. Then by the time I am back asleep, either Ileigh is up or it's time to get ready to take Ileigh to school. I have to drag my zombie butt out of bed and look like death when I walk into the daycare. I make Austin go with me just so I can leave Avery in the car when I get there. Oh, the work involved!

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