Thursday, July 19, 2007

Probably the saddest Obituary I have ever ever read..

I did some internet research after reading this in the Phoenix paper. She drowned. Her brother who was 4, let her in the gate. I know he shouldn't have been able to open it either, and I am glad he didn't jump in after her. But so so sad. The mom was inside the house.

4 years ago I had a good friend I met in x-ray school. Her daughter was about Austin's age and they played frequently. She had a son in 2002. He drowned in her mom's pool while she was at work. He was 19 mos old. She was so shook up she moved away and never even went back home. Just had her friends pack her stuff up. She is doing much better now and is remarried with another baby boy. I just can't believe how fast your life can change. I can't even imagine having to write an obituary for one of my children. What could be worse? My heart goes out to the family of Mara.

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