Friday, February 15, 2008


She weighs a little over 18 pounds.

She may crawl in a month or so.

She doesn't pull up on furniture yet. Austin did this at 6 mos and Ileigh around 9 mos.

She doesn't sleep through the night but she gave me 3 good nights last week, sleeping 6-10 hours in a row. Back to normal last night. =(

She is much better behaved than Ileigh was. We can take her to restaurants and drive her in the car. She is generally better when we aren't at home except when it comes to going to sleep. She needs her crib for that.

She is very loving and sucks her thumb and finger a lot. She does this while rubbing her head on my shoulder and scratching the back of my arm.

She loves to eat. Errr.... except baby food.

She loves Ileigh and Austin. Her face lights up when they are happy and laughing and she cries when she hears Ileigh upset. No one can make her laugh the way Ileigh can.

She has only been left with a sitter a few times. Poor mama doesn't know what it's like to see a movie or go out anymore. No one wants to babysit for us, apparently.

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