Friday, March 14, 2008

Austin is 13!

Holy cow! Austin is a teenager. Man has he been acting teenagey this past year though. I can't imagine when the girls are 12 and 15. I will be certifiably insane by then. I pray that at least one of them is good.

We are having a bbq for Austin tomorrow. My cousin Spencer that I never see is coming from accross the US. His son is 12 and daughter is 5ish. (can you tell how often I see them?) I am so busy trying to get my house in order for them to see what a slob I am. Boy Laura I can really tell your a stay-at-home mom! Yes but I have naughty kids and the youngest of which won't let me put her down without howling. All the chores that take place are during naps and during serious fuss sessions. I vaccuum while holding my 19 pounder. It's not as easy as you think! Sometimes, I like to sit down when she is napping. My friend asked me yesterday if I nap while she naps. Yeah right! When would anything get done? I don't have the kind of baby that is perfectly content in her high chair or exersaucer for hours. Nope constant attention!

Anyways, back to Austin. He was a butt on his birthday. He thinks he doesn't get enough and never gets to see movies, etc. Well, I made plans to take him to a movie on Wednesday and he wasn't home when it came time to leave! He was out riding his bike with his g/f. Oh yeah I have a cute picture of them. They don't like each other btw. Just friends austin says.

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