Sunday, April 20, 2008


Avery is finally better. She still seems to have a low grade fever and IS NOT sleeping more than 2 winks at night for some reason but I hope it's just teething. She is pretty happy during the day and continues to wow strangers wherever we go. She catches someones eye and then stares with a huge grin until they break. It's pretty funny.
We are going to Mexico soon and I am excited for Ileigh and worried for Avery aka ME. She is requiring much rocking and soothing to calm down for bedtime and when she wakes up it seems often she is ready to get all the way up. I have had so little sleep the past few weeks its incredible I can even type this.
Ileigh had another pump it up party yesterday and this time managed to keep all her bones intact. Austin had his heroic journey at school which was pretty cool. The only thing that stunk was painting, hanging and transporting 50 power shield hangers at the school. Ivy's mom and I did it together. At the actual event, we blindfolded the students we were ally's to (I'm Ivy's) walked them down to the courtyard, sat them down, lit candles and they played HERO songs. Then the student had to stand and say what quality they were taking from their mom, dad, ally and what quality they were giving to the world. It was neat. Then there was a feast and dancing. I took lots of pics but they may be blurry since I am into the no flash thing.

Avery started scooting last night! Within a week I bet she will be across the room in no time. She also says HI and MEOW and repeats sounds like OH and RAAAR. =) We'll keep her.

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