Monday, February 21, 2005

7 months 1 week old

Ileigh is doing well except for the normal amount of whinning. I think she is still teething but nothing pops through. She will not go for ANY type of teether. (except maybe her hands). Does anyone else have to clip their babies nails every other day? I do NOT remember doing that with Austin and I am wondering if Ileigh's nails just grow super fast (like mine).
She still loves to scratch at different textures including our arms and faces.. ouch! She can be pretty brutal.
She can move from all fours to sitting, and move where she wants to pretty well. I wouldn't call it crawling though.
She still has a very difficult time falling asleep anywhere but home on our bed. It is a nightmare when there is something we absolutely have to go do or if we go over to my mom's or something. Car rides with her have greatly improved although she still won't go to sleep easily in her car seat. She still sleeps on her tummy.
She LOVES when we do one of two things.. tease her with the pacifier by holding it up in the air above her head, and holding the bottle up above her and shaking the liquid in it. Even if she is howling, this will make her stop and giggle.
The most endearing thing Ileigh does is totally light up when we smile at her. It is such unconditional love it just melts our hearts! :hearts

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