Monday, February 14, 2005

Trip to Walmart

I went to Walmart for an inflatable tub, and of course they didn't have it. Probably just not in stock. I don't know if any of you remember my post complaining of our stores around here, but they all seem to be really crappy. Target and Walmart are always out of everything or have a limited supply of stuff. It's not like I live in the suburbs or anything. Central Phoenix. Actuallly, that may be why, because the stores are smaller and older and I would be better off in the suburbs. Ok, sorry to ramble.Anyways, Ileigh got really fussy in the store, and I was already mad because I scratched up my new truck door in the parking lot. SHHHH. DH doesn't know yet. I was in a argument with him, mad, and trying to park the big fat truck. Did I mention it has been pouring down rain here for a week? The whole parking lot was flooded and we didn't have our umbrella with us. I pulled into 2 spaces before getting frustrated and parking farther away. Then I opened my door on some shopping carts. Then Ileigh got fussy, and I realized I forgot her pacifier. I decided to buy some MAM's while in walmart after looking for the tub. Of course, they were all out of MaM's. So, I looked for a similar paci. The walmart brand is kinda the same but it comes in sizes 0-3 m 3-6 m and 6 and up. (all out of the 6 and up) So, I tried to carefully view the tips of the others through the package. Ileigh is very picky abotut her nipples she will take!!! I can't hardly believe this, but she KNEW exactly what I was doing, looking at the paci's. She started crying and reaching for them, so I handed her a package. SHe got frustrated trying to pop it in her mouth. POOR BABY! So I opened the 0-3 month one and gave it to her. It is smaller than what she is used to, but the 3-6 is bigger than what she is used to. It worked... until I picked her up and she dropped it on the walmart floor. OH well. It was time to leave. Guess I may have to buy an inflatable tub at Amazon. DH and I made up, but the next morning I looked at our online bank account and saw it was negative 700 dollars!!! Needless to say, I learned how to get a cash advance. Hopefully this doesn't mean I can't be a SAHM anymore.

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