Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2 yr checkup was today

head: 18 1/2 37%
height: 35 1/2 inches 82%
weight: 25.3 lbs 30%

She still didn't get her MMR but 2 other shots including hep A and a finger stick. They proceeded to squeeze her whole little body until they filled up a vile with her finger blood. I could've cried! It was to test for lead.

You shoulda seen her face when we left that office. Ohhh my. snot tears puffy lip red cheeks. She didn't care much about the shots it was really just the squeezing, the bandaid on her finger, and oh yeah they cleaned her ears and she HATED IT! They got 2 big balls of wax out though and I don't care what you say I am going to blame that on why she still doesn't talk. The dr. gave me the number of the speech therapist to call if I want but says she is probably fine which I already knew. She just doesn't like to follow the norm, that's my Ileigh.

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