Monday, October 23, 2006

Been on vacation

Sorry guys. I have been on vacation and I also don't feel much like typing lately.

I have so much to tell you.. for instance...

We are expecting again! I saw the heartbeat today. We are due May 31st.

We are going to put this house up for sale in a few weeks.

I have a ton of vacation pictures to share but I still need to upload them. I am not looking forward to the time it will take to upload 500 pictures.

Ileigh is talking up a storm. She loves buses, singing, jumping, and drawing. She hates being told no, car rides, sun in her face, and night night time.

Austin lost his wallet in the ocean a few days ago. It has my old bank card in it with the name Laura Ohmer. So please return if you are reading this and just found my name on a google search. My email is Austin is so sad. All his collectible coins from our vacation were in there, along with 73$ and gift cards he got for his birthday. =(

Don't laugh, maybe some china man will come accross this post in 20 years and want to do a very good deed and return a boy's lost wallet. Well, you never know.

Talk to you soon.


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christine said...

Laura..OMG Congratulations!! Sorry we have lost touch for a while. Things have been just crazy here. LOTS going on. I will write to you later and fill you in. We are odviously not back in AZ. LONG story. We might end up back there just not as soon as expected. anyway I'll tell you all about it later. I can't believe you are expecting again!!! Are you scared? Another Ileigh on the way..HAHAAHHA!!! I feel your pain. I would be scared to have another Olivia right now..the girl is WILD!!! Well I am really ahppy for you guys and I can't wait to here all about your pregnancy. Congratulations again