Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My dr. appointment

I had a dr. appt today.

First the dr. came in and told me my glucose level came back high. At first I thought she meant high but normal range. NOPE! I told her I failed it with Ileigh and she said, yeah, I'm sorry but you do need to do the 3 hour test. I just thought failed was a little harsh. (me...laughing and crying at the same time). I am so mad! I really really don't want to do that horrid test again. It was bad enough doing the 1 hour. I think I may refuse it. I may offer to change my diet for the better and just not go back for the 3 hour. arghhhh

Second, I talked to the dr about how this pregnancy has hit me like a ton of bricks. I can no longer be on my feet for over an hour, get out of bed or off the couch without shooting pains, and I feel like a blimp. My uterus is only measuring 28 weeks (which is normal, but I feel like it is at least 40) and I have only gained 13 pounds but feel like its been 30. I have been having these sharp constant pains in my nether regions that feel like the baby's head is trying to pass through my cervix. Ouch. Dr. said I just need to stay off my feet more and reduce my work hours. SHe said it's not a dangerous situation yet but it could get there if the pains increase.

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geo_wally said...

Laura, My friend Kristine (who has a child one month younger than Ileigh and just had her second baby in January) had very similar symptoms during her second pregnancy. She complained that the baby felt like it was coming out from like 12 weeks on. She also had lots of pains and contractions that continued to increase as her pregnancy went on. We all thought the baby would be super early but she was actually about a week late. Although she is a couple of years older than you (34), I think it may just be a function of having babies in your 30s (even just barely) versus your 20s. At least you have a good excuse to not work too much!