Thursday, April 26, 2007

A little concerning..

Today I had my 35 week OB appointment.

I am a little worried although I feel totally fine. My weight gain this pregnancy has only been 13 pounds so far. 2 1/2 weeks ago I was at 157 .. today I weighed 155. Also, my belly has gone down in measurement. I am measuring only 31 weeks today. I am praying I just hide the baby well. The doc ordered an ultrasound (its monday morning). She said maybe the amniotic fluid is low. What really worried me is she said to get in for the u/s right away. Of course I would have, but for her to say it, was scary.

We have been really busy and a little stressed with the move. Maybe thats the problem? I really feel that I have been eating a ton and getting bigger by the day though. Also when I was pregnant with Ileigh I gained 27 pounds. I was stressed and soo busy at work when I was pregnant with her so I can't make that excuse. Guess I will know on Monday. Pray for me.

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christine said...

Oh Laura,
you will be in our prayers. I hope everything is okay with you and the little one. I am sure everything will be fine. Good luck on MOnday, we will be thinking of you.