Friday, July 21, 2006

The party she attended

These ones are from her morning party. We invited 3 neighborhood 2 year olds. Two of them came which I was very happy about and slightly suprised. The 3rd one was sick and I believe her because she still wants to get together soon.
Ileigh had fun but when I think back she was a little too good for my Ileigh. She must've already not been feeling well. I hope she didn't get anybody else sick.
The kids waded in the pool, the women talked about scorpions and pregnancy and the men talked about work and house insulation. The other 2 moms were both 20 weeks preggo. I guess I missed that memo. =)
All three kids pretty much played separately. We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and had lunch meat for the adults. We also had pasta and watermelon. I got every kid a sippy straw cup which we found out is NOT dishwasher proof. Even on the top rack. Oh well. Ileigh opened presents and we had cake. She actually blew out her candle. I was so proud. When everyone left, she went down for a nap.

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